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News about our school garden in Chevy Chase, DC

We are off to a great start this Spring!  Our garden is steady producing greens planted last fall, and we had one bumper crop of radishes. 


Broccoli from last October finally grew and got big enough to harvest and enjoy!

Gardening Chefs started last Monday.  What a great group of kids!  They worked hard in the garden, weeding, digging and planting.  Can’t wait to see what our next meeting!


After nine fun-filled weeks, Gardening Chefs is calling it a wrap.  This was the first session for the club, and it was a learning experience for all, especially the kids.  We’d like to send out a BIG thank you to both Chef Victor Albisu & Chef Tania Mercer!  The club would not have been a success without them.  And thanks to all of our budding young foodies! 

Gardening Chefs Fall 2011

                                            Gardening Chefs Fall 2011

Carrot Harvest:                                                                                      


Eggplant Parmesan:


Red Sauce:



With Chef Tania:



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Gardening Chef London G. was so excited about what she learned in class, that she used her new knowledge that night cooking dinner at home.

Preparing her own pan seared pork chops with butter compote–topped with fresh shaved parmesan cheese. 





 Way to go London!



We are excited about our  new club the Gardening Chefs!  Monday was our first meeting…it was fabulous!

After harvesting green beans and herbs from our garden, we took our bounty to the kitchen with Chef Victor for cleaning and prep… 

Then we were off to learn how to make butter compote



While our butter was chilling, Chef Victor showed us the art of sautéed green beans…


Now the best part…tastingthe food!

Along with a couple loaves of bread, we sampled our butter and the
green beans.


And what did we think????
“Yummy!” “I can taste the lemon” “Soooo good!”
“I don’t usually like green food, but these are good!”I can
really taste the herbs” “I didn’t think I’d like green butter”

Next week…Eggplant Parmesan and Peach Cobbler, Yum!


Whew, What a warm summer…

This is the first of many harvest from our garden (hopefully ;))  The green beans, egg-plant, tomatoes, peppers, okra and cantaloupe are coming on strong.  

We had a great crew of parents and students that watered diligently all summer long.  Without their hard work and dedication, there would be nothing to harvest–our thanks go out to them! 

Working in this garden was really fun.  We got to weed and plant blueberries and dig out worms–that’s all.

Avery & Noah (3C 2010-2011)

We like the garden because we like to dig.  We specifically like to dig roots.  It takes a lot of teamwork.

Zachary & Owen (3T 2010-2011)

The first time we went to this garden there were only strawberries, lettuce , peas, some herbs and weeds.  Now there are blueberries and cantaloupe and not a lot of weeds left.  We also painted a rain barrel which has a lot of water for the plants.

Eliza, Abby & Iris (3C 2010-2011)

In the garden we have strawberries, lettuce and squash.  There are a lot of other plants there like carrots.  If you want to help, go, go, go!

James (3T 2010-2011)


Our garden experienced a little vandalism and all of our carrots were pulled out of their bed.  The Carrot Girls were on the case…

Carrots, carrots and more carrots is what the garden is like.  Our carrots got vandalized and we needed to redo the carrot garden.

When we started to redo the carrot garden we noticed that a pepper plant and garlic plant were pulled out.  we replanted them and started to replant the carrots.  This is how we did it:

  1. You stick in the carrots that got pulled out and put them in rows
  2. We chopped off all the dead leaves
  3. We planted new carrots near the old ones
  4. We watered the carrots

The carrots are beautifully growing.  We hope you can come see them at the Bears Garden, but don’t vandalize it.

Ceci, Emma & Zoe (3T 2010-2011)