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News about our school garden in Chevy Chase, DC

We think the rain barrel was fun to paint!  We painted pictures of worms, gardens and plants.  we also painted decorations to make the rain barrels look fun and cool.  Do you think the rain barrels are going to a lot of water?  WE DO!

Gabi & Ashley (3C 2010-11)

Working in this garden is really fun!  And our favorite part was painting the rain barrels.  We liked this because we painted anything we wanted.  Dylan painted a rainbow and Charlie painted a worm eating an apple.  We also planted some okra and peppers.  They are healthy.  We think working in the garden is fun!! 😉

Dylan & Charlie (3C 2010-11)


The Garden

  • Great
  • Glittery
  • Fountain

 The rain barrels are here to water our Lafayette Garden. Come to the garden and drop off any leftover food in our compost bins for the worms.

Sahara & Anaily (3T2010-11)


I thought it was really fun to paint the rain barrel because I got to paint what I learned about nature.  Now the rain barrel stands out and is really colorful.

Joe (3C 2010-11)

I think painting the rain barrel is helpful, so that we can stay green and help mother earth.  The rain barrel helps us collect water so we can water the plants.  They give the vegetables something to drink so they can grow.  The rain barrels collect the water, then take a hose and water the vegetables.  This is why rain barrels are important to gardens.

 Alaia & Kaylin (3C 2010-11)


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