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News about our school garden in Chevy Chase, DC


How to Dig Up Roots

  • First you buy supplies like a claw, shovel, clippers, gloves, small shovel, and saw. 
  •  Then you start to dig around the root. 
  •  Then you use the claw to get down deeper. 
  • After that you try to cut the root in half. 
  •  Then you pull it out. 

That is how you dig up a root.

Sammy, Tara & Caleb (3T 2010-2011)

The root was taller than five feet!  It took about three or four days to dig.  Tara and Sammy, third graders, decided to dig in the planter with the root.  Later they found part of the big root.  They told third graders Caleb and Owen about the root they discovered.  The next day James found out about the root.  Then Charlie, Catherine, and Robert started helping out.  Finally we pulled the root out!  Unfortunately there was more to it.  In the end we pulled all the big fat roots out.       (Students  from 3T 2010-2011)


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