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News about our school garden in Chevy Chase, DC

Working in this garden was really fun.  We got to weed and plant blueberries and dig out worms–that’s all.

Avery & Noah (3C 2010-2011)

We like the garden because we like to dig.  We specifically like to dig roots.  It takes a lot of teamwork.

Zachary & Owen (3T 2010-2011)

The first time we went to this garden there were only strawberries, lettuce , peas, some herbs and weeds.  Now there are blueberries and cantaloupe and not a lot of weeds left.  We also painted a rain barrel which has a lot of water for the plants.

Eliza, Abby & Iris (3C 2010-2011)

In the garden we have strawberries, lettuce and squash.  There are a lot of other plants there like carrots.  If you want to help, go, go, go!

James (3T 2010-2011)



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