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News about our school garden in Chevy Chase, DC

In March of 2011, with Spring in the air, we decided to resurrect the Lafayette Garden.  Starting with eight garden beds that were built nearly six years ago, it was easy to imagine a landscape that would feed the mind, body and soul. 

Our goals were simple: 

  • Create a sustainable and inviting space that will connect our students with nature and the food they eat through hands on activities. 
  •  Provide a space where curiosity, hard work and committment can reap a delicious reward  
  • Cultivate the  relationship between us, the earth, and the impact we can all have on the earth

We started with strawberries, lettuce and peas, then slowly progressed from there. Creating worm composting, installing rain barrels, trading weeds and vines for a Butterfly Garden, clearing new space to expand our garden, and planting vegetables and fruits like we were possessed.   After weeks of hard work,  we have a vegetable garden that is thriving.  Soon we will harvest beans, squash, tomatoes, eggplant, blueberries, figs, kiwi, and much, much more.  We are excited about our fabulous start, and we’re looking forward to watching our garden grow!


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